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This page shows business listings of all kinds in Liverpool beginning with the letter V. You can also view listings by type of business or by area of Liverpool.

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  • V & B

    Driving Schools (Business at Home) in Eaton Road, West Derby.
    Tel: 0151-259 3446
    Address: 321 Eaton Road, West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside, L12
  • V Bajaj

    Doctors (Hospitals & Medical Establishments) in Walton Road, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-207 0950
    Address: Kirkdale Medical Centre, 63 Walton Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L4
  • V F M Accountants

    Accountants (Head Office) in Neville Road, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-286 3232
    Address: 17 Neville Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L22
  • V J Webb & Co

    Steel Fabricators & Erectors (Factories & Manufacturing) in Gloucester Place, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-261 0778
    Address: 132 Gloucester Place, Liverpool, Merseyside, L6
  • V Kumar

    Doctors (Hospitals & Medical Establishments) in Limekiln Lane, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-207 2274
    Address: 111-117 Limekiln Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L5
  • V N C

    Security Services (Head Office) in Athol Street, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-298 2321
    Address: 106 Athol Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L5
  • V T J Repairs

    Property Maintenance & Repairs (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Chester Road, Anfield.
    Tel: 0151-263 7055
    Address: 9 Chester Road, Anfield, Liverpool, Merseyside, L6
  • V U Rani

    Doctors (Hospitals & Medical Establishments) in Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-709 1263
    Address: Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L8
  • V V Abraham

    Doctors (Hospitals & Medical Establishments) in Netherley Health Centre, Middlemass Hey.
    Tel: 0151-498 4054
    Address: Netherley Health Centre, Middlemass Hey, Liverpool, Merseyside, L27
  • Val's

    Hairdressers - Unisex (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Rocky Lane, Anfield.
    Tel: 0151-263 6259
    Address: 113 Rocky Lane, Anfield, Liverpool, Merseyside, L6
  • Val's Hair Care

    Hairdressers & Hair Stylists - Ladies' (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Birchfield Road, Walton.
    Tel: 0151-263 7864
    Address: 30 Birchfield Road, Walton, Liverpool, Merseyside, L4
  • Vale Auto Repairs

    Garage Services (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Aigburth Vale, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-727 3955
    Address: 1a Aigburth Vale, Liverpool, Merseyside, L17
  • Vale Blinds

    Blinds, Awnings & Canopies (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Rice Lane, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-523 6665
    Address: 495 Rice Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L9
  • Vale Decorators (Liverpool)

    Painters & Decorators (Head Office) in Edwards Lane, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-486 7120
    Address: Edwards Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24
  • Vale Home Care

    Household Stores (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Aigburth Road, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-728 8299
    Address: 353 Aigburth Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L17
  • Valentine

    Hotels (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Haileybury Avenue, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-520 1113
    Address: 70 Haileybury Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside, L10
  • Valentine Auto Repairs

    Garage Services (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Pye Street, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-734 2737
    Address: 14-18 Pye Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1
  • Valerie's

    Florists (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Lawrence Road, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-733 2777
    Address: 18 Lawrence Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L15
  • Valery Hawkyard

    Hypnotherapists (Business at Home) in Cinder Lane, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-722 9603
    Address: 2 Cinder Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L18
  • Valeting J P

    Car Valet Services (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Goodlass Road, Goodlass Road.
    Tel: 0151-486 3913
    Address: Unit 2, Goodlass Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24
  • Valewood County Primary School

    Schools - Local Authority (School & Educational Establishments) in Sherwood Avenue, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-924 0483
    Address: Sherwood Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside, L23
  • Valley Cable Cars

    Taxis & Private Hire (Office & Administration) in Francis Way, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-722 3232
    Address: 85 Francis Way, Liverpool, Merseyside, L16
  • Valley Community Theatre

    Theatres (Sports, Leisure, Entertainment) in Childwall Valley Road, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-488 0364
    Address: Childwall Valley Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L27
  • Valley Fire Surrounds

    Plaster Manufacturers & Suppliers (Factories & Manufacturing) in Walton Road, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-207 7302
    Address: 37-41 Walton Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L4
  • Valleyfield Accounting Services

    Accountants (Office & Administration) in First Floor/Capital House/Hunts Cross Shopping Par, Speke Hall.
    Tel: 0151-448 0222
    Address: First Floor/Capital House/Hunts Cross Shopping Pk, Speke Hall, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24
  • Valmars

    Balloons - Novelty (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in St. Johns Road, Waterloo.
    Tel: 0151-920 4494
    Address: 84 St. Johns Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, Merseyside, L22
  • Valmo Upholstery

    Upholsterers (Factories & Manufacturing) in Wood Street, Garston.
    Tel: 0151-427 6051
    Address: 4 Wood Street, Garston, Liverpool, Merseyside, L19
  • Valparaiso

    Restaurants - Other (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Hardman Street, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-708 6036
    Address: 4 Hardman Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1
  • Vals Alterations

    Clothing Repairs & Alterations (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Mill Street, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-283 3394
    Address: 324 Mill Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L8
  • Valuation Office Agency

    Central Government (Office & Administration) in Church Street, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-802 1000
    Address: 72 Church Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1
  • Valuation Tribunals

    Business & Trade Organisations (Office & Administration) in Water Street, Water Street.
    Tel: 0151-243 7900
    Address: Second Floor/Cunard Building, Water Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3
  • Valves & Pipeline Supply

    Engineers' Merchants (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Woodward Road, Knowsley Industrial Park.
    Tel: 0151-355 8008
    Address: 8 Woodward Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Liverpool, Merseyside, L33
  • Vamp Hairdressing

    Hairdressers - Unisex (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Dinas Lane, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-480 5151
    Address: 4-5 Dinas Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L36
  • Van World

    Car Body Repairs (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Charnock Road, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-521 8555
    Address: Charnock Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L9
  • Vanberger Financial Products

    Credit & Finance Companies (Office & Administration) in Victoria Street, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0870-321 8100
    Address: Victoria House, 25 Victoria Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1
  • Vanilla Food Co

    Cafes, Snack Bars & Tea Rooms (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Smithdown Road, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-733 3761
    Address: 346 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L15
  • Vanille Media

    Publishers (Office & Administration) in Fleet Street, Fleet Street.
    Tel: 0151-706 8020
    Address: Vanilla factory, Fleet Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1
  • Vanquish Motors

    Car Dealers (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Edwards Lane Industrial Estate, Edwards La Industrial Estate.
    Tel: 0151-486 9838
    Address: Unit 5, Edwards La Industrial Estate, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24
  • Vast Electronics

    Television, Video & Radio Servicing (Head Office) in Prescot Road, Old Swan.
    Tel: 0151-230 0771
    Address: 316 Prescot Road, Old Swan, Liverpool, Merseyside, L13
  • Vauxhall Cab Centre

    Gearboxes (Workshop & Repair Centres) in West Vale Service Station, Whitefield Drive.
    Tel: 0151-549 1633
    Address: West Vale Service Station, Whitefield Drive, Liverpool, Merseyside, L32
  • Vauxhall Community Centre

    Community Centres (Office & Administration) in Silvester Street, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-298 1544
    Address: Silvester Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L5
  • Vauxhall Health Centre

    Clinics - N.H.S. (Hospitals & Medical Establishments) in Limekiln Lane, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-207 5571
    Address: Limekiln Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L5
  • Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council

    Charities & Voluntary Organisations (Office & Administration) in Silvester Street, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-298 1544
    Address: Silvester Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L5
  • Vauxhall News

    Newsagents (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Vauxhall Road, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-236 1408
    Address: 25 Vauxhall Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3
  • Vauxhall Vaults

    Public Houses, Bars & Inns (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Vauxhall Road, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-236 0802
    Address: 31 Vauxhall Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3
  • Vehicle Inspectorate

    Central Government (Office & Administration) in Stopgate Lane, Simonswood.
    Tel: 0151-547 4445
    Address: Stopgate Lane, Simonswood, Liverpool, Merseyside, L33
  • Vehicle Security

    Security Services (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Wilson Road, Wilson Road.
    Tel: 0151-480 4889
    Address: Unit 4/Wilson Business Centre, Wilson Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L36
  • Velma Robertson

    Childminders (Business at Home) in Royal Crescent, Liverpool.
    Tel: 01704 873427
    Address: Royal Cr, Liverpool, Merseyside, L37
  • Vending Associates

    Vending Machines - Sales & Service (Office & Administration) in Hanover Street, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-285 3925
    Address: Hanover House, 85 Hanover Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1
  • Venmore House Aged Persons Home

    Residential Care Homes (Hospitals & Medical Establishments) in Hartnup Street, Liverpool.
    Tel: 0151-263 2888
    Address: Hartnup Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L5

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