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A record of the town of Rainford appears in the Doomsday Book of 1086, so the town actually pre-dates it's more illustrious neighbour, Liverpool. The town lies immediately north of the larger sprawl of St Helens, and is linked by arterial roads to Liverpool and other industrial areas, hence it's popularity as a commuter town for both Manchester and Merseyside. During the Industrial Revolution Rainford was a centre for ceramic-ware, as well as sand extraction from the local sand mine: this sand was destined for the burgeoning glass industry in the factories of nearby St Helens. The town was also connected to nearby locations by a fledgling tram-service, one of the first operational tramways in the country. These days industries in the area are a little less labour-intensive with several breweries, such as George Wright's, providing much employment in Rainford.