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As the name suggests, New Brighton is a seaside town that is situated on the Wirral coast of the Mersey. In it's past the town was influenced by the industrial growth of the region, and locals found employment at the nearby Bootle docks and shipyards for generations right up until recent years. The area still shows evidence of it's naval past, a prime example of this being the Perch Rock Battery which looks out over the river and dockyards in the vicinity. The battery, built in the 1820's, served as a point of protection over the valuable industries of the surrounding area and is a focal point to this day, although it has a more benign use as a museum these days. New Brighton was once home to a Blackpool-style tower which was built at the end of the 19th century, in fact it was taller than it's more famous counterpart down the coast. It was a short-lived project however, and the tower was dismantled less than 20 years later.