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Almost dwarfed by the enormous sand-dunes at Leasowe, the largest on the Wirral peninsula, the village of Moreton is a tranquil seaside spot popular with pensioners and the retired. The village itself is home to the famous Burton biscuit factory where Cadbury's produce many of their wares, and obviously this has been a great source of employment to Moreton's residents over the last four decades. The village and it's immediate area can boast several historic buildings, the most dramatic of which must be the 16th century castle at Leasowe. Built by Ferdinand, Fifth Earl of Derby, who was at that time second in line to the throne, Leasowe Castle commands spectacular views of the Meols sands on the Dee estuary; in fact Ferdinand constructed it primarily as a vantage point from which to watch horse-racing down on the sands. Aside from the castle, Leasowe Lighthouse is also a landmark to locals: operational until the early 20th century, the lighthouse has since been converted to a base for the Wirral park rangers.