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Deriving it's name from the original Norse 'Liderlant', meaning "sloping land", as it was known at the time of the Doomsday Book, the town of Litherland lies between Hatton Hill and the Mersey. Formerly a Viking settlement, the town has had a checkered history, but it wasn't until the area was linked by newly constructed canals early in the Industrial Revolution to Liverpool, Wigan and later Leeds that Litherland started to thrive. John Gladstone, son of then Chancellor of the Exchequer and subsequently Prime Minister William Gladstone, resided in the town during the early 1800's and was heavily influential in the construction of several of Litherland's landmarks, such as St Thomas' church and Seaforth House. Closer to the present, Litherland Town Hall bore witness to the growth of a national phenomenon, for it was here that The Beatles played some of their early gigs before their meteoric rise to fame.