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Crosby is a town situated in the Merseyside borough of Sefton, although it was at one time a borough in it's own right until being merged into Sefton in the 70's. The town itself is actually made up of four main districts: Great and Little Crosby, Seaforth and Waterloo. The town's best known landmark is probably the Carnegie Library, which, as the name suggests, was constructed using funds donated by the famous Scottish-born American steel mogul Andrew Carnegie, who was a one-time visitor in the area's industrial past. More recently Crosby was the political stomping-ground of ex-MP, Shirley Williams, who was a Labour MP for the town during the 60's and 70's, serving as education minister under Harold Wilson. Williams is perhaps best known as one of the "Gang of Four" who defected from the Labour party in 1981 to form the SDP, and has latterly been leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords.