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Thought to be the site of the Battle of Brunanburh (although there is some contention over this), one of the key events in Britain's history as it led directly to the Anglo-Saxons wresting control of England from the Vikings and Celts, and springing up in the 1930's, the village of Bromborough sits in the Wirral on the south side of the river Mersey. The bulk of the village is made up of pre-war residential developments, although to the north is a much more industrial area which includes one of the region's first workers' villages built by a local candle-making company. Bromborough also has it's own small dock to connect it to surrounding towns and industries, and this has been a source of controversy in recent times due to one of it's warehouses being used for the storage of dangerous chemicals and for it's use as the local site for landfill dumping.