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Virtually at the very centre of the Wirral, amongst the suburbs of nearby Liverpool, is the town of Brimstage, a small, mostly rural community. The town is probably best known in the Merseyside area for it's most striking feature: Brimstage Hall, which is thought to have been constructed some time between the 12th and 14th centuries, and to this day it retains many of it's original medieval features. The first known occupants of the Hall were Sir Hugh Hulse and his wife, who were granted the right to construct a chapel on the site in 1398, and it was home to aristocracy for centuries to come. These days the Hall has been converted to house shops and businesses in it's main courtyard and is seen as an important local landmark; the reported presence of a number of regularly-visiting ghosts on the site don't seem to have dampened shoppers' spirits.