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See local Bootle website. Centred around the civic area of the town, containing the classic Victorian Town Hall and Municipal Baths, and bordered by the Leeds and Liverpool canal (the longest canal in the country), the town of Bootle is part of the urban district of it's more illustrious neighbour, Liverpool, and is the administrative centre of the borough of Sefton. Most of Bootle is made up of residential property, built in the 30's for dock-workers and their families, and when the docks started to decline in the 60's and 70's the town was hit hard by unemployment and locals leaving the area to look for work. During the Second World War, because of it's obvious tactical significance as a centre for ship-building, Bootle was extensively bombed by the Luftwaffe and only ten percent of properties in the town were left unscathed. In recent times the town has received less-welcome attention after the abduction and murder of local child James Bulger in the 19990's.