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Deriving from "Antry", Saxon for 'Lone Tree', the suburb of modern-day Aintree is still home to the ancient tree (although just the trunk remains now) from which the town gets it's name. It is thought that the original town was centred around the historic tree, it was probably planted by Saxon invaders during Aintree's formative years. In the 18th century much of the area was owned by the Molyneux family, who are thought to have come by such extensive local land-ownership by royal decree. These days the town is world-renowned for it's annual hosting of The Grand National - racing's jewel-in-the-crown event. The race has been run since the 1800's and has become the biggest test for horse and rider in the racing calendar, as well as making household names of horses such as Alderniti and Red Rum. During the 50's and 60's Aintree race-course was also being used to host the British Grand Prix on the motor-racing circuit which used to exist there.